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It is an original cheese of Italy, province of Milan, that has found in CALCAR a faithful interpreter of the own characteristics of this cheese. Of soft paste, thin crust and fresh flavor.

Ideal complement for salads, cold cuts and a great variety of plates that require a smooth and cream cheese. His under fused point of it also does recommended like ingredient of hot meals.                              

Elaborated with pasteurized and standardized milk.

Chemical composition:

  • Humidity .. 48%
  • Greasy Matter .. 26%
  • Greasy Matter in dry extract .. 50%

Standard Microbiologic:

  • Coliforms (30ºc) < 1000 ufc/g
  • Coliforms (45ºc) < 100 ufc/g
  • Staphylococcus Coag. Positive < 100 ufc/g
  • Salmonella spp – absence / 25g
  • Listeria Monocytogenes – absence / 25 g

Condition environmental that the product should be conserved:Temperature of 4ºC.

Period during the which it stays unalterable: Shelf life 4 months.

Parallelepiped appears in form, with natural crust. The measures of the pieces are: 23.5 cm. in length x 7 cm. of height. Approximate weight 2.500 kg Equipped individually in corrugated cardboard boxes.