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Originally from Switzerland it's a cheese with a long tradition in our area due to the fact that it has been one ofthe top specialties of the Dairy Products School in Colonia Suiza City in Colonia zone. Calcar has been producing this cheese for 40 years and has been exporting to many and very demanding markets.

It is in fact a trademark of our company all over the world. During the 6 months period of maturing on wood it is carefully sited with controlled temperature, humidity and light.

Its flavor; once it's ripened, is lightly spicy, especially adequate to grate and flavor pasta, as well as being served with snacks.

It' s made with pasteurized and standardized milk with.

At the end of the 6 months ripening process in our chambers, the chemical physical composition of our Sbrinz is the following:

  • Humidity.. 34%
  • Fat .. 27%
  • Fat in dry extract .. 41%

Standard Microbiologic:

  • Coliforms (30ºc) < 200 ufc/g
  • Coliforms (45ºc) < 100 ufc/g
  • Staphylococcus Coag. Positive < 100 ufc/g
  • Salmonella spp – absence / 25g

Condition environmental that the product should be conserved: Temperature of 4ºC.
Period during the which it stays unalterable: Shelf life 12 months.

It is presented in 7.500 kg shapes with natural very carefully scrapped rind or painted in black. In both cases they are vacuum packed. It's also presented in fractions of about 250 gr. or 420 gr. vacuum packed.

The measures of the cheese are: Diameter 25 cms. and height 15 cms.

Packed in carton boxes containing 2 unites each one total weight per box about 15 kg. The smaller packages are packaged in the same way.

For some markets it's labeled as Reggianito Cheese.